Mixy Interracial Dating App Review

Mixy is the supreme interracial dating app, with mobile services that are incomparable to the rest. It caters to the dating needs of singles looking for black, white, Latino, Asian, mixed-race and Hispanic singles. This wide variety gives you a beautiful platform to choose from. Interracial dating is intriguing as well as exciting.

Since Mixy is a mobile app for interracial dating, your physical location is not a limitation to your fun. You can meet and interact with your interracial dates online via the app. All you need to do is to download the Mixy interracial dating app for free on to your phone and start the fun!

Mixy is not bound by geographical boundaries as it has matched multitudes of people across the world. Brazil, France, the United States of America, Australia, Germany and South Africa are but a drop in the ocean of the countries benefiting from Mixy. Feel free to try the Mixy interracial dating app and enjoy a wide variety of relationships. Your satisfaction is our pride; our services work to meet your immediate dating needs. Not only do we give you the experience of a lifetime, we also keep you entertained and glued to your screen.

Nothing is as beautiful and as colorful as diversity. Mixy brings this platform to people from all walks of life to mingle, share, date, have fun and be in love. Love is one of the most sought-after feelings in the world. People are searching for it everywhere, and that is why Mixy was born: To make your dreams come true by giving you that golden opportunity to find your love.

Most of the relationships initiated in the Mixy app have resulted in marriages and fruitful friendships. Your efforts will not be in vain. Come and meet your future lifetime partner on Mixy.

Features of Mixy

1.Easy to use: The app is available for free download by anyone interested. All you need is an internet connection and your smart phone. Once downloaded, you can simply create a profile and start having fun.

2. Availability and accessibility: Mixy can be accessed from anywhere at any time, provided that your phone is internet capable. You do not have to worry about having to be at a specific location at any certain time.

3.Compatibility with mobile devices: This special dating app is compatible with all android and iPhones, provided that they have the following versions and above: Android version 3.1 and above and iOS version 7 and above.

4.The search engine is flexible, user-friendly and easy to use: The time spent searching for your identical match, single members and compatible matches is minimal. All you have to do is click on the members or search you want to initiate and you are done. It is also possible to search for members of a particular race, ethnicity, gender, country, age or religion. There are advanced search options that enable you to find the height, verification status and location of members. It is also possible to customize it to meet your specifications.

5.Special "moments" capturing feature: You are able to capture special moments photographically and post them in real-time using Mixy. This allows all your matches to share in your special moments.

6.Special mutual interests chat: Mixy has a special feature that allows you to chat with only those members who share mutual interests with you. This enables you to enjoy some alone time with members who share common interests.

7.Very Important Person membership available: This feature gives you an extraordinary profile that stands out above the rest. It also unlocks other unique features of Mixy to you.

8.As a Mixy member, you are able to send messages to any other member of your choice. It is also possible for you as a Mixy member to unlock/ read messages sent to you by the authenticated members.

9.As a Mixy member, you will see the full list of all those who like you. You can then change your profile's settings to be invisible to other members except those who like you or that you like.

10.The Mixy app is designed to cater to people who speak different languages, hence the English, Turkish, Portuguese, Italian and Traditional-Chinese versions.

Mixy Costs

a)Download / installation fee : Free

b)Membership costs:

I.PLUS (1 month) = $ 9.99

II.VIP (1 month) = $39.99

III.VIP (3months) = $ 89.99

IV.VIP (6 months) =$ 149.99

Please Note:

Ensure that you disable the automatic renewal of your subscription on termination of your membership. This is to avoid being charged after you have stopped being a member. To disable automatic renewal of a subscription, simply change the settings in the Account Settings Menu. This should be done not later than a day before the end of your current subscription. It is not possible to cancel an active subscription.